How to generate traffic to website using reddit

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media website, like Facebook, Twitter founded in 2005. The name Reddit is the short form of two words, Read and Edit. I short they named it Reddit. The use who use Reddit is call Redditors, is also the combination of two words, mean Reddit and Editor.   
When you register to Reddit, you will have zero link karma, and comment karma, and your rank will base on link karma and comment karma. When you upload something to Reddit, other Redditors will vote up and down, which will increase your link karma and comment karma.
When you have high link karma, then you can post your link on Reddit website, and generate traffic to your site.

Reddit’s Traffic Stats 2012

According to Reddit’s blog, these are the traffic stats for the year 2012:
  • 37 Billion Pageviews
  • 400 Million Unique Visitors
  • 4 Billion Votes
  • 30 Million Posts
  • 260 Million Comments
The Reddit is amazing, in way if you do little bit mistake you can lose your account, the good way is that to follow the rules, and get experience. You will learn from your mistakes and this will give you good result. The following is the graph which shows that what happen when you get experience in Reddit. If you want to know about the following graph please visit the following Ways of using NFC tags.
how a reddit success looks in google analytics
The spike you see on the top is our post about ways of using NFC tags, which got an incredible amount of traffic from Reddit.

How to deal with Admin

You need to be honest, of Reddit website. Mostly Redditor, think that this is a traffic exchange program which not work like that. It is a social site with rules, that you will follow. Some time you will do a blunder and for admin it will be normal, but some time your normal thing will make you bad guy in eye of admin, all need experience.

Reddit Categories

There are different categories in Reddit, if you are beginner of Reddit, then start from uploading pictures to  (/r/aww) category.
The other categories are  (/r/wtf), (/r/awwwtf) and so on.There are subreddits categories also, like /r/technology/r/webmarketing or /r/ppc.

 How To Use Reddit

First of all you need to create an account, it is simple, go to and signup for free. when you create an account, check your email and confirm your registration. 
After that click on the submit a new link as shown in the figure

submit link to reddit step 1
After that if you have huge link karma, then chose other subreddit, otherwise the beginner must chose AWW category. Chose good title and click on submit

how to submit your link
Last but not least, when you submit your link, the be active on giving reply to comments, this will increase your link karma as well as the other Redditors will trust on you, and will see all your links.

What for beginners

For beginners I have created, a video how to start Reddit, in a very simple way, which will give you good help in start, and you will not make any mistake. What I showed in this videos, follow this until you have link karma more that 300. When you have more than 300 link karma then the chases to ban your account will be minimum. This video is in Urdu language, and most of the readers will not understand, but the language is not important. Just follow the simple steps and go a head . I hope this will help you a lot. I have many things in English, please visit my YouTube Channel, and you will find something interested for you .
Than you for reading , and please must watch the video if you are beginners. 

How to use please watch the video


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