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  What is SEO Spygless

SEO Spygless show us the position of our Internet Search Engines (ISE) 
 If you are webmaster or SEO  specialist then this tool is for you, which will show you your competition for internet search engines is, the positioning of your competitors and compare yours, and then implements all those strategies to improve your position.
How to use it?
It is very simple, you need to put the URL of your website, I means the webpage you want to analyze and SEO Spygless will automatically do for you, and you can save this to your computer, you can take a print copy for showing and discussing with you expert friends.
This will also guide you how to position other keyword in order to improve your competition in popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Bring etc.  
Feel free to download it and take advantage from it. Further more you can find a lot information about this tool in internet, because it is one of in the popular tools using now a day.
What it will do for you? 
  • Find your competitors' inbound links.
  • Locate the Google PageRank for each link.
  • Count the number of links by PageRank 0 to 10.
  • Calculate the value of each link.
  • See if the link is from a homepage.
  • Determine if the link is from a blog or a forum.
  • Discover which links bring the most traffic to your competitors.
  • Locate the age of each linking website.
  • Check your competition in more than 400 search engines.
 You can find a lot about that tool on  the official website of  SEO Spygless

Please visit SEP Spyygless official website

If you want to direct download from here please click on the following link

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