How to get traffic? 11 easy ways

How to get traffic? 11 easy ways

Most of the blogger want to get traffic, I was one of them. I was doing search, and found some good post about that. The post that I am sharing with you guys is one of them. I got very good response after following the following 25 steps. Please read this article from This really helped me, and I hope it will help you more than me.

1. Pay to increase website traffic

The easy way to attract new visitor is by advertisement, through social media. The social media use an expert way to attract unique visitors to your website or blog. But you must to look at your budget, if you have enough budget to pay to them, and in return get good business then go a head. In other case if you have not good budget and you are a student or ordinary blogger, then Google keyword tool is a good choice for you. For that you must to know how to use it. Take those keyword having low competition, or median. Do not use a lot of keyword in your post, because this is also not good for your SEO prospective.

2. Social exchange

Don't think that your content is attractive, you will get good response. If you took 95% of your effort on creating good content, you need to put the 5% remaining of social exchange. As blogger, or business man you must be social. You need to have good social circle, in which you interact with  related people who want to hear from you.

3. Tray to convenes audience

You must to provide content which help the visitors, and they get all their answer. It is not necessary that you provide them rich text content. If you feel that you can convenes the visitor with verbal approach then do it. With your content make a video, and try to explain everything to them. YouTube can provide you good help in this case, because YouTube is also a good search engine itself. Most of the people are use to search in YouTube.

4. Headline

Work on your headlines, and make it attractive to the visitor. The good headlines will give you good result. Try to make your blog post headline meaningful. If you want to improve your headlines skill please visit headline writing.

 5. On-Page SEO

Do not ignore On-Page SEO, because it link you to the world. You must to take care of each and every image that you use in your blog post. Always chose long tail good keywords.

6. Keyword selection

You must to know which is good keyword, I watched many articles about that, but I think the good way to check the keyword several time. It is simple but very helpful. You must to search a particular keyword, which you want to use first. After that you need to check competition on that particular keyword. The median and low is the best choice, that what I applied and god very good results. The next thing past that keyword in Google search, to know that some ads are showing on the top or not, the example is given bellow 
SEO Tools
As you can see on SEO tools, Google search shows three top links with add, and million of search result. If search result is less then this keyword is a good choice for you.

 7. Google Alert

Google Alert is one of the good approach to generate traffic to your blog, and how you can use it is very simple. For example if you write a post about any keyword, you must give that keyword in Google Alert. The Google will let you know automatically when some one post a good post related to your keyword, then go and give your comment. This will give you good back links as well, and even you can ask people to visit to your blog.

8. Traffic Exchange sites

One of the best approach to get traffic is traffic exchange sits, where you can buy some point, and make some point by visit other site. The site that I want to recommend here are and

 9. linkedin

 Once upon a time I was working with one advertising company named Ingager AB, in Stockholm Sweden. I was surprise to know that they were very serious about Linkedin. The SEO of the company was always very focus on to share the content on Linkedin.

10. Google Adsense 

You ignore what Google Adsense suggest to you or not? The best SEO according to my experience is Google Adsense itself. Some time Google Adsense will suggest you to add responsive ads, or site health, Multi-Screen etc, it means you must to have a good responsive theme for your blog or website.

11. Loading speed of your site

Have you notice how much time your site need to load, if not then you must to check and know that. If your site take little time to load then this is very good sign for attracting visitor, and the search engine also give high rank to those site which fast in loading.

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